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Safety materials, codes, technical bulletins, etc. related to elevator and escalator safety, including construction elevator safety.

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AR-Arkansas Elevator Safety Rules [pdf] [25163] ?

Text of the regulations

CA-California Elevator, Ride and Tramway Unit [20715] ?

Responsible for elevator safety in California - include the California Elevator Safety Code

Deaths and Injuries Involving Elevators or Escalators [17447] ?

Data on incidents involving elevators and escalators - recommendations

Elevator Code Authorities Directories [17449] ?

Links to USA state codes for elevators and escalators

Elevator Safety Precautions & Hurricanes [16221] ?

Hurricane preparedness fact sheet for elevator safety

Elevator Safety Rules [26564] ?

For the general public

Elevator Safety Tips [17454] ?

Authoritative commentary on elevator accident prevention

Elevator Specs [18858] ?

Construction specs manual with sections related to elevators

Elevator Worker Safety [17452] ?

A series of safety articles targeted to workers in the elevator industry

Elevator/Escalator Deaths & Injuries [pdf] [27257] ?

Analysis of CPSC data

Elevator/Escalator Safety Articles [5779] ?

Series of articles on elevator and escalator safety

Elevator/Escalator Safety Education [15946] ?

Elevator and escalator safety materials

Escalator Safety [10554] ?

Some steps you can take to help prevent escalator injuries

Escalator Safety [16222] ?

US CPSC safety alert related to escalators

Escalator Safety [17450] ?

Some steps you can take to help prevent escalator injuries, especially injuries to young children

Escalator Safety Rules [3985] ?

Safety points for riding escalators and moving walks

Escalator Safety Tips [17453] ?

Authoritative commentary on escalator accident prevention

Hazards of Improper Elevator Controller Wiring [26223] ?

The following guidelines will help reduce the risk of employee injury from malfunctioning elevators

MN-Minnesota Elevator Building Codes and Standards [24047] ?

As required by the State of Minnesota

NEII-1 Standards [17459] ?

Text of the National Elevator Industry referenced standards

OSHA 1917.116 Elevators and escalators [17457] ?

Full text of the OSHA standard on elevators and escalators in marine terminals

Technical Memorandums: Elevators, Escalators and Related Equipment [17460] ?

Technical bulletins from the state of Texas

TX-Texas Elevator Safety [17461] ?

State requirements for elevator safety

UT-Utah Elevator Compliance Manual [pdf] [24244] ?

The State's safety code for elevators

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